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Welcome to Halfmoon!
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For all of Regnum's citizens, life is getting worse. Erratic weather ravages the landscape, and terrible rumors and suspicions are taking their hearts by storm. Fortunately, not everyone seems to be losing their heads.

There are still communities, like the small port town of Halfmoon Bay, that are willing to band together and weather these trying times... that is, until a groundbreaking discovery and a mysterious traveler shake the sleepy community to its core.

A pokemon story


I like turtles.

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6 days ago
Snap is trapped in landscaping hell.

and the urge to redesign intensifies
Left on page 1.4
One week ago
This was a fun page to draw. Lots of fun expressions!
it's also the page that turned Townsen gay but shush. I ain't writing a romance
Left on page 1.3
8 days ago
Sea lions are absurd creatures.
Left on page 1.2
Dr. Glutamate
8 days ago
At least all the buildings aren't shaped like Pokemon heads.
Left on page 1.1
9 days ago
Welcome to Halfmoon Bay!
population: some

I'm actually thinking of redesigning the town at some point - give it a little more personality. It's not as high a priority as finishing the next script though
Left on page 1.1