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Comic profile: Foxy Flavored Cookie
Foxy Flavored Cookie
A flavor simply delicious!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago, 11:00 AM
Number of comics: 599
Number of subscribers: 288
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Rating: 4.96 (2265 votes)

Comic description

A series simply loved by readers. Simple, funny, cute and charming. All the ingredients you need for a story you just can't put down. If you don't believe me, ask anybody who knows about it.


El Zorrito
El Zorrito
A simple individual, who loves to draw...
A LOT, and loves to improve his work by
reading comments left by readers and chatting with webcomic authors.

Most recent comments left on Foxy Flavored Cookie

She had a name! And she shall henceforth be known to all as Astrid!
Left on The shame in names
2 days ago
Crouching Pucho, hidden Pucho. I don't know why I find his tent face so amusing.
Left on Wait, whats her name?
3 days ago
Well, at least she efficient. I do like piggy huggie though.
Left on My mistress
3 days ago
What chapters to expect seriously depend on rather the book was written for the demon or the sorcerer.

For the former, you might find something like "The difference between messages, whispers, and insanity", among other such advisory topics.

For the latter, "Finding the source of the words and defining possible detriments" and "What they might be telling you and why".

Target readers is important to consider when writing, as Baker already knows.
Left on Demonology 101
Deedes (Guest)
3 days ago
I: Dark magic and you
II: Types of demons
II.i: Imps
II.ii: Elementals
II.iii: Shades
II.iv: Succubi
II.v: Incubi
III: Rituals
IV: Pacts
V: Communicating with your demon
VI: Ideal summoning places
VII: Right sacrifices - wrong sacrifices
VIII: The binding
IX: The first summon
X: Taking care of your demon
XI: Training your demon
XII: Goals of your little hell spawn
XIII: Addendum

This is at least what I would expect from a title like the one on this book.
Left on Demonology 101