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Webcomic profile: Poharex - Extra Edition
Poharex - Extra Edition
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Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3rd Oct 2018, 10:00 PM
Number of comics: 46
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Webcomic description

This is where I'll be keeping all extra comics, fanart, guest strips, and everything else that doesn't fit directly into the main Poharex archive.


Most recent comments left on Poharex - Extra Edition

16th Apr 2017
Thank you very much, my friend. It's great to have you on board!
Left on Anniversary #10
The Zombie (Guest)
14th Apr 2017
"Awesome man"
This is really cool bro. Glad that I can help with maps for TSI. 10 years into this, I'd say you're beyond dedicated to your vision. I have massive respect for that. I am honored to be able to help.
Left on Anniversary #10
10th Apr 2017
It's been one hell of a journey, guys. It was 10 years ago to the day when the Poharex website went live, along with the very first issue of the comic. I'm not going to just end it with a tacked-on duel between two giant robots in the sky, though! There's many stories and ideas still in the pipeline. Issue #13 is about halfway complete, the game is in progress, and many other things, like the origin story, are being planned. So here's to another decade... and many others. Let it take as long as it takes- I'm here for the long haul.
Left on Anniversary #10
1st Apr 2017
Made by Neil Kapit for the #WebComicChat April Fools exchange.
Left on April Fools 2017 - by Neil Kapit
29th Jun 2016
Fan Art by MoonLotus-Hime.

In this alternate universe, Poharex is a mafioso!
Left on Alternate Universe Exchange 2016 - by MoonLotus-Hime