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A slice of life story about finding one's own place in the world. Also, demon girls.

Poison, an amnesiac demon that used to be a human, meets another demon in the same situation, named Deadly. The two of them decide to stick together, and end up squatting in an abandoned house on the outskirts of town, with other demons soon finding and joining them. Follow the group as they learn to adjust to their new lives, and as they search to learn about their old ones.


i'm perpetually dehydrated and sleepy, but i won't let that stop me because the only thing powerful enough to stop me from getting stuff done is my own foolish decisions

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Hero of Comedy
Sounds like some family drama is going to get revealed.
*note: get door to slam dramatically*
Yeah, like I said, total tonal shift right in the middle of the chapter, hey?

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Fire, please... Whatever you do, don't torch the human!