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Comic profile: Pokemon Warpers
Pokemon Warpers
Trapped on a world where pokemon are real, two humans from our universe must find a way to return home and along the way discover that this is more than just a game...
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 14th Apr 2017
Number of comics: 357
Number of subscribers: 46
Visitors: 51811 visitors (375317 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.83 (149 votes)

Comic description

Two humans from our universe get trapped in a world of pokemon. Wacky hijinks ahoy!


T/S Productions
T/S Productions
Born in the early 90s and still spend half my time there. Stopped aging about 7 years ago. Studied filmmaking but haven't made anything in a couple of years and have kinda shut myself away in the dark unpopular corner of youtube gamers.
Was on here a lot a while back but fell into the dark void that pokemon spriters do. But now I'm back!

Most recent comments left on Pokemon Warpers

Guest (Guest)
2nd May 2017
its been about 2 weeks when are u gonna post another comic?
Left on S2E2P23: 'She needs to sort out her priorities'
shadowmwape (Guest)
16th Apr 2017
She is gonna be horrified
Left on S2E2P23: 'She needs to sort out her priorities'
T/S Productions
14th Apr 2017
T/S Productions
Aaand I'm 4 days late... Fuck... Sorry.
I'm really no good at being on time am I...
Left on S2E2P23: 'She needs to sort out her priorities'
shadowmwape (Guest)
6th Apr 2017
I really hate that women
Left on S2E2P22: Fistinator #2
T/S Productions
4th Apr 2017
T/S Productions
So the fist from earlier has a sister, and she seems a lot more important than her brother...
Left on S2E2P22: Fistinator #2