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Comic profile: Pokemon Warpers
Pokemon Warpers
Trapped on a world where pokemon are real, two humans from our universe must find a way to return home and along the way discover that this is more than just a game...
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 27th Dec 2017, 1:33 AM
Number of comics: 358
Number of subscribers: 46
Visitors: 55882 visitors (413125 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.83 (149 votes)

Comic description

Two humans from our universe get trapped in a world of pokemon. Wacky hijinks ahoy!


T/S Productions
T/S Productions
Born in the early 90s and still spend half my time there. Stopped aging about 7 years ago. Studied filmmaking but haven't made anything in a couple of years and have kinda shut myself away in the dark unpopular corner of youtube gamers.
Was on here a lot a while back but fell into the dark void that pokemon spriters do. But now I'm back!

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T/S Productions
27th Dec 2017
T/S Productions
A Christmas present for you all; the last page of this episode! Now for the explaining...

There's not really much to explain. I've lost a lot of motivation for sprite making over the years and while it was fun to return for two more episodes it eventually became a chore again and i didn't want to keep at it on a regular basis. It became more fun to focus on my other projects such as YouTube. However, do not fear!

I rarely give up on a project i love completely and i have put too much work into planning my region just to ditch it altogether, so Pokemon Warpers will continue in some manner!
Thanks to a recent project I have found its a lot easier and less stressful to try and sketch out the next episode in a more comic/manga style and i will SLOWLY work to continue Warpers this way. I'm not promising anything any time soon but i am promising that Shaun and Matts Ridgescore adventure is not over yet!
Left on S2E2P24: Doors are overrated
That Steve Guy, i swear (Guest)
19th Aug 2017
Holy Duce it's alive.
Left on S2E1P1: Welcome to the world of tomorrow!
Guest (Guest)
2nd May 2017
its been about 2 weeks when are u gonna post another comic?
Left on S2E2P23: 'She needs to sort out her priorities'
shadowmwape (Guest)
16th Apr 2017
She is gonna be horrified
Left on S2E2P23: 'She needs to sort out her priorities'
T/S Productions
14th Apr 2017
T/S Productions
Aaand I'm 4 days late... Fuck... Sorry.
I'm really no good at being on time am I...
Left on S2E2P23: 'She needs to sort out her priorities'