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Finding adventure wherever it may be.
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This is the story of Razzmatazz the not so young Pokemon trainer, Charcoal the Growlithe, and Roto the Rotom Dex. Together they form The Zeta Squad. They search for adventure. Wherever it may be.


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Lord Enigma
12 days ago
Lord Enigma
Forgot to set the next pages to update this morning. My bad.
Left on 0100
30th Dec 2019
He'll get demoted to a grain of sand
Left on 0086
Lord Enigma
30th Dec 2019
Lord Enigma
The Mario one will start being uploaded daily Jan 1st. Because it's done and I have no reason to rush it out.

Tales of Noname is being revised a bit. It may be awhile.

Enigma Box will also return at as soon as I decide what to do about it.

Sunshine apartment has been deleted. Maybe one day I'll try a fresh start again.

The old sprite comics I finished will probably stay there. The ones I didn't finish have been deleted. Since I don't want to deal with those anymore.
Left on 0085
A random guest (Guest)
30th Dec 2019
Are you uploading the other comics from SJ?
Left on 0085
Lord Enigma
28th Dec 2019
Lord Enigma
This was a really fun chapter to make. For this one I'll be updating every 12 hours.
Left on 0082