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Comic profile: Polaris
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago, 11:41 PM
Number of comics: 120
Number of subscribers: 8
Visitors: 8249 visitors (28788 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.54 (13 votes)

Comic description

Two con artists pose as paranormal investigators and willfully capitalize on the increasing shadow of uncertainty looming over a troubled future of dwindling hope, societal ambiguity, questionable loyalties, and restrictive discipline. Their latest case may have uncovered far more than just half truths that they can sell to gullible clients.


Most recent comments left on Polaris

3 days ago
Telepathy. Looks like those old CIA experiments paid off.
Left on Polaris Chapter 10 page 14
11 days ago
Translated from Esperanto:

1) It is not neccesary to possess a property that is not measured.

2) Measurement is an active property that alters the system that is measured.

3) Einstein-Rosen bridge between two black holes.
Left on Polaris Chapter 10 page 13
2nd Nov 2018
Translation from Esperanto for the subtitle text in frame one is: "Identity is concealed on request of subject. Please bear with us. Thank you."

"Bonvuto suferi kun ni" more directly translates to "Please suffer with us", but "suffer" and "bear" (if synonymous with endure) can used in the same context in English in some cases.
Left on Polaris Chapter 10 page 12
27th Oct 2018
Yep. That's to probably draw attention away from it. The video they're about to watch may defy any title you could give it.
Left on Polaris Chapter 10 page 11
26th Oct 2018
“Sen titulo” = “untitled”?
Left on Polaris Chapter 10 page 11