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In a uncertain near future world of societal ambiguity, crumbling morals, and increasingly restrictive discipline, two con-artists pose as paranormal investigators. Their latest case may have uncovered more than just "myths" they can sell to gullible clients.


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Panda Cop
Reminds me of those old stoies about inner earth holes on the poles.

I watched somthing interesting about it. That there is like a hole through the earth and all planetoids have it and like energy/radiation fields pass through it.

There was no like city with people inside just a hole. Lol so wild
Panda Cop
Esperanto, so wierd. Never heard of that before.

This scene reminds me of gray digital target when they are having a drink after the mission and gray was looking at the slum where he lives
This page is pure poetry, my friend.
"Tiel Estu" (translated from Esperanto) = "So be it" or roughly "Amen".
Yeah, there is that. Several Double martinis will probably get you thinking about strange lands. And then there's the coincidental connection to an HPL story called Polaris.