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Last update: 13th Jun 2022, 3:48 PM
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In a uncertain near future world of societal ambiguity, crumbling morals, and increasingly restrictive discipline, two con-artists pose as paranormal investigators. Their latest case may have uncovered more than just "myths" they can sell to gullible clients.


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Actually, that was a really good one. :-)
Archimedes Manueuver? I expect if to give them some Leverage…

Yeah, this whole zeppelin business was a commercial/political publicity stunt to show off some new tech that could replace hydrogen with something more available than helium (two reasons why airships are having a hard time making a comeback; the Hindenberg disaster and the fact that helium is not plentiful anymore). They were expecting their maiden expedition to be more routine: explore a newly formed island for natural resources.
Using a blimp in the first place leaves them open to this though, I’m guessing there weren’t a lot of aerospace options for the Polaris crew
“Thanks for tuning in.”
Yeah, the first mate penguin is actually going to be a very interesting character..