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There are places in the Alps that are magical. There are fairy tales and fables, magical creatures and monsters, kings and princesses.And there are, of course, ordinary people, like you and us, who walk streets of those timeless villages, and sometimes take an unknown path, which takes them to unexpected places.It has happened to us many times.This is one of those.Once upon a time……the time was petrified. The kingdom was petrified, even though everything seems as it has always been.In the King's garden grows a very special tree, which he jealously guarded: in fact, the fruits of that tree, if eaten, can give knowledge. Whoever eats that fruit will have the power to revive time.The King has closed his garden behind high walls and a magical gate, which opens only by his own will.No one can enter the King's garden. No one can get that knowledge. The King is not cruel, but if someone tried to violate his ban, he would become. The King is jealous of his tree.So it happens that, one night...


I am Strix (Serena Marina Marenco), the artist, and she is Lem (Laura MacLem), the writer. We are Italian, have been friends for decades, and three years ago we decided to embark on the madness of adapting Laura's novels into webcomics, starting with Path of Life and Stone, the story of two girls who, one summer morning, meet in a wood in the Alps....

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I just found this comic and it looks so beautiful beautiful far!!! And I love the snake
Lovely work as always. ★★★★★
We have arrived at the new pages, from now on I will publish a new page every fortnight (natural disasters -and not- permitting)
Author Note
And with that, we're done with chapter five and volume two!
My, these two years have been much harder than we expected! But we finally made it!
Now we're taking a break, getting the second volume ready for printing I was hoping to get it done by Christmas but we're down to the wire!
Whatever, to paraphrase Michelangelo "It'll come out when it's done!"

Happy holidays to all!
Author Note
See you in 2 weeks!

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