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Comic profile: Pop Culture's Kids
Pop Culture's Kids
Humor, with some light satire.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago, 1:52 PM
Number of comics: 1385
Number of subscribers: 43
Visitors: 62742 visitors (605172 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.96 (53 votes)

Comic description

A small group of kids, including a relative newcomer to the town, create a club for their mutual love of TV, music, movies, etc. My influences include Krazy Kat, Pogo, Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes.


mark stacy
An overgrown pop culture's kid.

Most recent comments left on Pop Culture's Kids

mark stacy
3 days ago
I'm trying to get another comic up later today or by this weekend. Too much going on lately to wait for Monday. A motto for our times!
Left on More Nancy Than Hillary
mark stacy
6 days ago
Absolutely correct. Still, if only there could be a conviction following impeachment (and one after that if Pence weren't ready to do his Jerry Ford imitation)...
Left on Waving All Over The Place
One week ago
Eh, the House is loads better than nothing—as in, the last two years.

Now, about those tax returns... >:)
Left on Waving All Over The Place
mark stacy
26th Oct 2018
To be continued. Maybe another one later Friday...
Left on Escalation2
mark stacy
25th Oct 2018
I might try to put up the next one earlier than usual, like later today. If so, I'll still do another comic for tomorrow (Friday).
Left on Escalation 1