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Last update: 4th Feb 2023, 3:05 AM
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"Portent" is a weekly, serialized graphic novel about a superhero. It's a classic genre piece, with a bit of humor to keep it fun.

Written and lettered by MaGnUs, drawn by Carla Rodrigues, and greys by Pedro Carvalho.

Click on "First" if you want to start at the very begining, or peruse our Archive for a specific page. You can also read it in Spanish here, or in Portuguese here.


Martín A. Pérez (AKA MaGnUs) writes short stories, articles, comics and radio plays. One of his short stories has been published in the book Contagion: War Stories, and an essay of his apears in "Teenagers from the Future: Essays on the Legion of Super-Heroes.". His articles have appeared online or in print magazines like Inforol, Ururol, Kryptonian Cybernet, and Strange Days, while he's currently writing for GeekGirls Online, G.A.S. Comics, and other sites. He co-produces and co-hosts a radio show about comics and related subjects, Perdidos en el Eter. An active part of Uruguay's fan scene, he's one of the creators of Montevideo Comics, the first local convention (since 2002), and one of the founders of Caballeros de Montevideo, which promotes RPGs through charity events. MaGnUs works in tech support, and is happily married to his wife Cindy, with whom he has a son, Gabriel, who ever since his birth has been marked to become yet another nerd... just like daddy!

Most recent comments left on Portent

Glad you enjoyed it!
that was great!
Thanks for staying tuned! Where can I see your comic?
I'm with you on the setting thing. I've had a person surprised my comic wasn't set in the US, that's why I'm mentioning it. It's something we assume by default (and we shouldn't). Yay for more variety!

Good to hear you'll be back! I'm following you on Comic Rocket so I'll definitely keep reading when you continue :) Cheers!
Thank you for the kind words! I didn't want it to be based in the US, since both me and the art team are not. I do try to give a broader view of the rest of the world the comic is happening in.

And yes, we've taken a bit of a hiatus, longer than we intended, but we will be back soon. Please stand by, and the story will continue, we're gearing up!

Thanks again!