Prince of The Astral Kingdom
He didn't ask to save the world...But he's the only one who can.
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Graphic Violence / Gore
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Three unlikely friends race to find a mysterious and precious object in a medieval alternate reality. Sorcery meets extra terrestrials in this epic tale of self discovery.


Three important things to me: Emotional content, experience, and following your bliss.

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LOL! I wouldn't trust that face!
Don’t be fooled - I’ll bet the tea is something gross too
ow do you pronounce "Pachyptila"? LOL
There's definitely something to be said for the honesty in his response. I mean, hunger can make you try strange things, but for a disciplined warrior? I bet he can appear normal even when he's starving.
I can't disagree with that opinion, though there are a lot of subjective variables that determine what I like and don't like. Sometimes I read comics with poor art, but good storytelling or characters, but I rarely read a comic with the opposite traits.