The Refraction of Princess Chroma
A Magical Girl Dramedy
Last update: 4 days ago, 7:00 AM
Violent Content
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A dark force is turning Earth grey and tearing apart reality as we know it. Monsters known only as Monochromes run rampant. Can anything stop this madness?

Enter violent schoolgirl and newly-appointed Magical Girl, June Summer. Armed with disgustingly cute powers and supported by her friends, frenemies, and a disgruntled knight-turned-rabbit mentor, June will battle monsters and strive to restore color to the world. Little does she know that world-saving is a messy, ridiculous business. Anything can happen...and anything can go wrong.

Will June learn to take her heroic responsibilities seriously, or have the forces of good put their trust in the wrong person?


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Pfft, as if Chroma would ever have a dark secret...
Slim Kittens
Pay no attention to the darkness behind the curtain.
It's fit for a princess.
She does have a pretty nice room though.
Avoiding something, Chroma?
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