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Bonus content and extras from the webcomic series Princess Chroma
Last update: 1st Apr 2021, 8:00 AM
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This profile contains all sorts of extras from the webcomic Princess Chroma, including guest pages, bonus strips, holiday strips, and other things not related to the main story.
If you happen to stumble across this profile and like what you see, you can find the main series at http://princesschroma.thecomicseries.com.


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Happy April 1st! As usual, we have a switcheroo comic from one of the Comic Underdogs regulars, Neil Kapit, creator of Minnie and Max, Monster Girl Detectives and We Are the The WyreCats.

This quasi-comatose chick cramping Chroma's style (say that five times fast) is from my other comic, Here I Lie Awake. I love me a good crossover. Thanks, Neil!
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Courtesy of the creator of Groovy, Kinda, we present to you a heartfelt sendoff to 2020 and if we're all very, very polite, maybe 2021thuhlu won't kick our collective heads in.


I wish you all better luck this coming year. Whether it still sucks or not, though, I'll still be here, makin' comics. Speaking of comics, this strip is part of an exchange, as usual. If you wanna see the "farewell 2020" strip I made, go and check out Doodling Around (you should be checking it out anyway--it's really good)!
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The crossover I’ve been waiting for years to see and it does not disappoint
Well, this was unexpected! It looks like I got two pieces of Halloween art this year, and this one comes courtesy of Gual, the creator of Doodling Around! Doodling is a great comic, by the way, and it just recently came out of a long hiatus, so be sure to check it out and give 'em some love.
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Happy Halloween! Check out this year's Comic Underdogs Halloween exchange, courtesy of Shadow and Rulo, artist and writer of M9Girls! Give 'em a round of applause (and a read)!

You probably recognize that ominous shadow on the wall as June, and the two hapless redshirts on the floor there are Nat and Kurt from my other comic, Here I Lie Awake. Looks like they've stumbled from one horror story into another type of horror entirely. Lucky them!
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