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Professor Astonishing
Destroying Time and Space in reverse order.
Last update: 17th May 2020, 9:55 PM
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Professor Astonishing is a distinguished professor of Uranus Community College in 2583. He traverses time and space chasing after his one true desire, a Nobel Prize. However to fund his expeditions he must bring along the two worst students in the school.


Hey all, I am the cartoonist, writer, and all around space hero. I craft the story and perform feats of art to bring you the webcomic: Professor Astonishing! I also dabble in film production and can function as an editor, cinematographer director, actor, and the list goes on for a short time. I teach video game design and digital photography at a summer camp, while trying to convince my students that I came from outer space. Feel free to post questions! My response will taste like the minty fresh color of overripe justice!

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“My Computer Broke!”
Hi all,
due to my computer being out of commission, I will need to put this project on hold until I can fix or replace my machine. Sorry to all my fans out there, stay true!
Little later then I was intending, but here it is none the less.
Author Note
A little longer then anticipated, but still here!
Hope you are all keeping safe out there, now enjoy the show...
Author Note
Author Note
Hi all,
Once again, thank you for being patient with my release schedule. Last week had some challenges.
Author Note