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It is time. The Young Gods must fall.
Last update: 13th Aug 2019, 1:35 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A prophecy untold, a fate not yet assembled, a book to be written - an adventure with high stakes.

Tonight, we will let them corner us, because cornered animals bite. It is high time for us to defend ourselves.


When everything is at stake, when reality itself might be torn apart, who can we trust?

Why, a clichée team of random teenagers, of course


Yikes I'm pretty much just here for banter and maf

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Hey Trad! Yes yes. I am back, comic may not be though. We'll see how it all goes, for now I'm just experimenting around.
Ah no worries. Right now this is more to get back into the swing of drawing, really. As for word balloons, I despise them. Words, perhaps. If I gather the motivation to continue this story, it's a yes, if not, well - probably not. I just like drawing this character a lot, really.

As for right now, there's no clear telling if I'll actually continue the story, considering that it's been a LONG time since I came up with it. I could change it, but then I'd probably have to start the whole project over, but as is, I dislike the story, and it's not a 'short' project.

If this uncertainty does bother you, you are welcome not to follow this comic. I'm long past the days where I really worry about the numbers - I just want to draw what makes me happy. For a long time, it wasn't this. I've gotten some motivation, but I'm not quite sure it'll persist. For now, I will work on at least getting it back to the point in the story that the comic was at before I scrapped it and restarted it.

Regardless of all that - thank you kindly for your input and your time so far. If you're interested, feel free to stick around. If not, that's alright. I hope you'll find other adventures you enjoy more.
Ohooo! Good to see you're back!
it's not that I want to discourage you from your artistic/comics development, but can we expect an actual story with panels and word balloons in this space, or is the entirety of this comic going to consist only of pictures of this grey-masked character?
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