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Last update: 9th Feb 2021, 5:00 PM
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Bryan is constantly reminded of his childhood friend whom he had lost contact with 4 years ago. Now 16, they reunite at their new school. However Alton, his friend; doesn't remember him. Not wanting to let his longest friendship slip away forever, Bryan convinces Alton to finish a bucket list called 'The promise List' they made as kids, hoping that it will help them figure out the truth behind Alton's lost memories.


Wendy Euphoria
Wendy Euphoria
I am an artist from Canada who just started a bl webcomic here, called Promise List!

I love Web comics and graphic novels. They're the main inspiration for me amongst other artists and mediums.

I also like anime and manga.

Check out my DeviantART and Instagram!--

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Lol... oh no that’s totally not what Natalie was talking about...
Wendy Euphoria
It's the end of Chapter 4!It took way too long to get here but I'm glad to be another chapter down! I'm going to take a break in preparation for the next chapter of Promise List, where things get a bit more spicy* I have some cute mini comic ideas that I'll post in the meanwhile. you can follow my Instagram for updates as well!
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I don’t like/trust him. Older dude hanging outside a high school party.
Wendy Euphoria
The boys have had some rough patches but they still try to work things out 😭
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Wendy Euphoria
First page of the new year! Woohoo! Nearing the end of this chapter too!
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