Pokemon: Rising Shadows
A story about a Flareon who loves water.
Last update: 2 days ago, 6:00 AM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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After a strange volcanic eruption, Naya finds herself on a deserted island with no memories of her past... and a bunch of other important stuff. She tags along with an odd bunch of Pokemon who offer to help her out. Together they get involved in a plot bigger than any of them could have anticipated.

Except Echo. Echo probably knows exactly what's going on. They could tell Naya, but where'd be the fun in that?

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Echo you know about the fourth wall and there for you know there’s going to be plot so no matter what you do you know something will happen
Oh no!
I'm sure things will start getting better any page now...

You'll still see her cute face. It'll just be a bit more terrified than usual.
He's still alive so far at least! Imagine, he's taken out a ton of small mon and it takes a Giratina Hyper Beam to get him on his knees. He's old but he's tough.