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Comic profile: Psychic Soldier Kai
Psychic Soldier Kai
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Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 12th Jun 2017, 7:11 AM
Number of comics: 105
Number of subscribers: 18
Visitors: 10767 visitors (34630 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (89 votes)

Comic description

Psychic Soldier Kai is an action adventure comic that updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


An artist living on Ramen noodles and Red Bull.

Most recent comments left on Psychic Soldier Kai

19th May 2017
By the way, I love your shading style.
Left on Page 90
19th May 2017
I have been hearing a lot of weird stuff about frequency lately, like every form of matter has its own frequency, and that it is an object's frequency that gives it shape and form. Also, apparently space and time have a frequency, and if you change your frequency you could travel to a different space and time?
I guess I am fascinated by the concept of frequency...
The universe is still a huge mystery to me...
Left on Page 90
19th May 2017
What Kai said in panel one is so true in most Japanese manga comics I read. Lol. Characters are constantly explaining the innermost secrets of their powers to each other while they are engaged in battle, but don't even use that information to their advantage. However, I see that you made sure Kai isn't a moron.
Left on Page 91
10th May 2017
A fight between men is almost like a conversation or a debate,
a lot of information is exchanged, and of course, it is in your best interests if the other guy loses that debate...
Sometimes I wish we males could communicate a little less violently, but I guess that is how we are wired. No way around it.
I was in a few nasty fights when I was younger, and I still don't even know why I got into them. Sigh.
I realize this is just a comic, but I like to relate my real life experiences sometimes, or whatever thoughts that I may have while I am reading it.
Great update.
Left on Page 87
8th May 2017
Gritty and real!
You don't puss around like some comics I grew up with.
You show how a real fight plays out.
A situation where there is no time for banter and seconds count!
Left on Page 86