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a posthumous adventure
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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In Psycho;Pompous, you get to witness the training of an apprentice psychopomp and the verbal abuse of her douchey mentor.


Philosopher, adventurer, and math dork.

For some reason I didn't end up being a pirate in this Universe so now I'm making comics instead.

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Oh thank god for better drawing software. This was a delicious, buttery breeze to draw <3
Author Note
It's been like 3 years and now I have new, shittier drawing software. I'll figure something better out soon enough!
Author Note
No update today or tomorrow so I can deal with some personal issues. I'll try to have a more fun filler tomorrow.
Author Note
Too tired for a full comic so here's another drawing of Hannah as a pirate!
Author Note
Getting sober!
Definitely a good life choice but pro-tip: emotions build up if you ignore them. There's a lot in there and I'm exhausted. Most of tomorrow is dedicated to art though so I assure you, your patience will be somewhat rewarded!
Author Note