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Annie "Pulse" Chang, and Tabitha "Bolt" Greene, two female human batteries become armored super-heroines.


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I love that this was basically the superhero version of how Jack Sparrow got away from the island he got left at.
I just love how uncomfortable she looks as the lies get more outrageous!
I know the word bubbles tails in the last two panels aren't aimed at Tabitha's mouth, but in both it would have then seemed like it could be either Charlotte or Jesse talking instead.
Author Note
I'm sure your body hates you (you have seemed to take a number of serious damages) , but it's good that you are alright.
Oh great, now she has to remember all of that (and come up with cute stories about that one Horn-Toed turtle hatchling she rescued because kept missing the water...much less HOW she got the lightning rod. And how it's not news because a secret goverment operation just HAPPENED to find her.