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Last update: 30th May 2021, 4:08 PM
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The Legend of Spyro fancomic. A year after Malefor's defeat, Spyro suddenly went mad, freed the dark master and joined him. Cynder attempted to stop them, but failed, barely survived. All around the world the creatures of the dark, unable to move freely before under the daylight, came out to feast... Many years later, in the last standing place, city of Warfang, the last survivors try their best to fight the dark army. A dragon comic.

Updates: Every 2nd weekend (1 page once in 2 weeks on either Saturday or Sunday)


Hobby artist from deviantart :3 Feel free to visit my deviantart profile~

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ye we are just saying that if malefor gets free and finds a way to keep himself 'stable' all hell is gonna break loose
But remember, Malifor is so close to death that Crystal he is in is the only thing keeping him a live. And Spyro is concerned with time so, ya.
I'm getting a second covid vaccine shot today, and judging by my reaction to the first, I won't be able to function much over the remaining weekend.

Therefore, there will be no page update this week.
yeah no kidding