Queen of Wreozrilan [Reboot]
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Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Frontal Nudity Occasional Strong Language
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[Reboot of my comic 'Queen of Wreozrilan].Bianca Maewyrn is the queen of a small kingdom. She's been ruling alone just fine for years, but the council thinks that it's about time she gets married and step down from her current position, but Bianca isn't much interested in the idea. After some unfortunate events, Bianca wanders to the mountains where she finds a small clan, who have been hiding from the outside world for many years and some things start to change....[Update: Wednesdays]


Nothing much to tell. I'm just amateur artist. That's all.

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What a shameful man trying to attack from behind u.u
Looks like that sneak attack will have to wait
Author Note
Bianca about to bonk
What she says 👌🏻