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Determined adventurers are always delving deeper in darker dungeons, diving to depths of despair in search of delectable delights. In the process, they use countless potions and herbs, sprinkle a myriad of powders and preparations, consuming endless and varied amounts of ingredients for all sorts of reasons, from curing wounds to preserving monster meat.

Where does it all come from?

Well, why don't we go to the source? The item shop!

Let's take a look at the stories of those unspoken heroes of fantasy: the ingredient collectors.

Description by Eric Alexander (Thank you! <3)
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Morgan E. Richard has always felt awkward writing artist bios, but that may be because she has a tendency to speak in the third person when tired.

She was born on Long Island (In 1982), grew up on Long Island, and continues to live on Long Island. She has always felt the place gets a worse rap than it deserves. She likes seeing paintings of seagulls and sailboats.

She has an Associate's in Fine Arts, which she earned at Suffolk Community College. While there, she had a short stint making cartoons for the college newspaper. She even won Cartoonist of the Semester once! Sadly, she doesn't remember where she put the award, or which semester it was for.

Morgan is an illustrator, who specializes in Pencil and Ink, and greatly enjoys watercolors. She is also good at replicating those styles of illustration using digital means. This is because she has a scanner that fears and hates illustrations.

Morgan E. Richard has a tendency to make silly faces when a camera is pointing at her, which is a family trait. Perhaps she will post a photo if she knows someone who managed to take a suitably candid shot.

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Well, maybe he caught him in a good mood!
Hmmm. The old boy seems downright chatty compared to his taciturn reputation....
It's been pretty warm lately. I was expecting a downtick in the dogwalking during the summer, but luckily that hasn't been the case. I do have a pretty bad sunburn, though.
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Author Note
Well, for the time period, it was the norm!
Oookaay, you got me. Either Madame was built like a linebacker, and has relocated her haunting, or Monsieur had....eccentric....fashion inclinations....

In any case, Artus, think fast!