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a mutant cat and bat creature stop an unspeakable evil
Last update: 1st Apr 2020, 9:59 PM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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this story is about a cat named bedlam, turned from housecat to a bipedal mutant, now living in a world called “yedradus” and has to work with a bat-like friend to stop an unspeakable evil

(on hiatus)


helloe i am pory and i do a draw of the pokemon and creatures please be nice to me

R0AD T0 ZER0 is on hiatus

Rookie Hour is on hiatus i guess??? idk im bad with comics :(

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Oop, ya got me!! Still looking forward to the next comic -er whatever else you choose to make.
haha i remember reading this and being disappointed that it vanished. thanks for this i guess
zoo wee mama
Author Note
hey all

sorry to upset but if i'm honest, i'm tired of working on this comic

i know you guys enjoy it and i appreciate that! thank you all!!

sadly though, i just dont have as much fun doin it anymore and i feel as though i should just put it on hiatus until i feel like its time to come back

no, im not leaving this site, i'm just no longer interested in this story for now

peace ✌️

(i had to reupload this page because people had to be SOOOO funny and put the n-word on the comments again. thanks guys you're all so hilarious. we did it reddit)
Author Note
okay no more fuckin comments since yall cant stop being unfunny twats
Author Note