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A story for boys, girls, and everyone in between.
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Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Rain is a slice-of-life/comedy/drama that follows the life of a teenage transgender girl named Rain, as she attempts to go through her senior year in high school identifying only as a woman. Along the way, she makes friends with an eclectic bunch of people of varying orientations and gender identities. See their stories filled with silly humor, teenage angst, occasional adult angst, copious amounts of love triangles, mockery of product names, complex relationships, tons and tons of dialogue, and sometimes a cute, little bunny. How can you go wrong, right?

I hope you all like it!

This story contains roughly PG-13 content.
- Occasionally strong language
- Sexual themes and situations (but no nudity)
- Gay, lesbian, bi and transgender characters (among countless others)
- Lousy or non-existent backgrounds
- Occasionally triggering scenes


My name is Jocelyn Samara DiDomenick. I feel like it's a little pointless for me to mention this since I'm on a webcomic site, but I'm an artist and a writer. My comic, "Rain", a dramedy is about a teenage trans girl. I should probably mention that I myself am a trans girl too. As such, the comic is a bit of a personal story to me.

When I'm not drawing/writing, I enjoy gaming (especially RPGs and retro games), anime (my tastes are pretty eclectic) and heavy metal (or more particularly, epic/symphonic metal).

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Are the characters Japanese or are they American? If thats the case, how would you make sure that you don't make any mistakes culture wise?
By any chance would you share the titles of these three web comics and where to find them. Thank you.
Oh my Goddess!!! This is absolutely awesome. I love Isekai stories. And it will be really nice to read one where the main character is not increasing their stats or cultivation. I am so looking forward to this.
I think this Chiaki is the writer of Kaminari, Chiaki Koizumi, as the similarities in this poster to the world of Black Wings Kaminari are a bit too convenient to be a coincidence and it has been alluded by the author that Rain and MIS are connected somehow, so maybe that is it? Maybe the BWKverse has been inspired by her adventures in the MIS alternate world?
Well, I loved the last Isekai I read, so I'm sure I'll love yours