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If you can imagine a messy room with no organization at all, then you're close to what this is
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This is a collection of various stories that will no doubt intertwine whenever possible. there are also just random gags thrown in, but what do you expect from a comic with random in the title. I'd go into all the plots but that would take a years to go through, so needless to say, I am simply using this as an opportunity to do something with my large LEGO collection.


I'm a grown kid with a butt load of Lego that needed to be used for something. I'm a huge fan of comedy, star wars, star trek, Stargate and raptors and many many other things. You'll probably pick up on my favorite things in my webcomics. I'm not out for money or glory, just to put out material that I hope a few people will find entertain and maybe even get a chuckle out of.

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The reason in the last panel is also a good and valid one which comes often into play.
Money is often the reason
Author Note
The prequels failed because of an out of his mind auteur royally fucked everything up.
the sequels failed for being beep boop design by committee sludge poured into my eyeballs
Give this man a prize!
For me, it's the sequels. the prequels you'd just love to hate & there were a few good redeeming qualities to it, I could see the potential of getting to see the fall of Anikin & the rise of Vader. The sequel trilogy is a forgettable fan fic that was in desperate need of rewrite. I will go out on a limb and say that yeah..I think Padame was a better character than Rey. (minus the romance part but that's a different can of worms)