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Comic profile: Randomly Assembled
Randomly Assembled
If you can imagine a messy room with no organization at all, then you're close to what this is
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 6:10 AM
Number of comics: 976
Number of subscribers: 44
Visitors: 29010 visitors (239534 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.07 (30 votes)

Comic description

This is a collection of various stories that will no doubt intertwine whenever possible. there are also just random gags thrown in, but what do you expect from a comic with random in the title. I'd go into all the plots but that would take a years to go through, so needless to say, I am simply using this as an opportunity to do something with my large LEGO collection.


Most recent comments left on Randomly Assembled

This joke could be a reach, but whatever. I like it and if it makes no sense, it is Randomly assembled.
Left on #976-Sanctuary
30th Mar 2018
I do find the hockey rink piece does make a half decent landing zone. Of course, It's nice to see the swab dino's to notice that the comic works on a tight budget.
Left on #954-Cheep backdrops
28th Mar 2018
Ah, I've been looking forward to getting this one out there. For not only do I personally enjoy this gag, it will act as the starter of a new chapter which will obviously be following the Green goblin. Nah just kidding. It'll be those meddling kids.
Left on #952-Goblin unmasked
3rd Mar 2018
Unfortunately, I can't make these little fellows down on their knees. Can't wait to finally see it when my fellow blogger in crime get's his going again so I can see how his version of this joke from an old animated film turns out
Left on #927-Bow to the Crome!
13th Jan 2018
It is hard to believe, and the jury is still out on it.
Left on #878-Hard to believe