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Comic profile: Randomly Assembled
Randomly Assembled
If you can imagine a messy room with no organization at all, then you're close to what this is
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 703
Number of subscribers: 40
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Rating: 4.03 (29 votes)

Comic description

This is a collection of various stories that will no doubt intertwine whenever possible. there are also just random gags thrown in, but what do you expect from a comic with random in the title. I'd go into all the plots but that would take a years to go through, so needless to say, I am simply using this as an opportunity to do something with my large LEGO collection.


Most recent comments left on Randomly Assembled

8th Jul 2017
And that concludes this small break from our usual silliness. If you want to know what the verdict of the debate was, keep your eye on my brothers webcomic
Left on #689-Boston trip part 7
4th Jul 2017
Yes folks, this small short story us being posted every day and from this time forth, you will find that Randomly assembled will be updating daily from now on. Till I eventually run out of comics.
Left on #685-Boston trip part 3
29th Apr 2017
It is not often someone actually takes he door to the afterlife.
Left on #651-Congratulations
19th Apr 2017
Ironically the idea I had been working on that he would be the main character of has been slow going to the point nothing has been to it in a long time.
Left on #646-New gig
5th Apr 2017
I have to say for a guy who uses next to no special affects, I am pleased with the shot of the ship coming in.
Left on #639-Missed victory by that much