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Random clop/sex comics with plot!
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Occasional Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes
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Random Scribbles is a mixture of comics written by Vincent Jones with artwork by AlphaDesu & Conrie


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And back to the comic!
Author Note
We got Vinyl Scratch Octavia to dress up for Hearts and Hooves Day for everyone! Sadly the camera pony, couldn't control themselves, and the girls got a little wet.

Special NSFW versions can be found on our Patreon for $5/mth!

Author Note
Just as a reminder that with the new format to a semi light novel with a few image for story and full comic for the sex scenes some reading is needed!

That and updates will be bi-weekly, since more of the story is being released quickly.
Author Note
Just as a reminder that the next comic starts this Friday!

Also for people that don't know about the series I did with Vavacung "Shipping Is Magic" this was actually going to be the next chapter.

So you can catch up here

I made a few changes since I'm not using their characters, So Alter is replaced with Nishi. Instead of Twilight who is Alter's mother, I swapped her out for Empress Luna and made her Nishi's adopted Mother.
Author Note
This chapter is done. It was hard to decide where to end this one, and the next morning was where we thought it was best. It shows Minty isn't happy about being pressured into having sex the night before, and there's stuff she needs to think about.