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Why not?
Last update: 15th Jun 2012, 8:34 PM
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Yeah so this really is random thoughts. I woke up one morning thinking about a duck-sausage and I figured I might as well start doing a webcomic about things. Yes..Things. Stuff and junk and stuff that happens to me. And things. It's mostly sort of an online diary, except also not. It's just random thoughts.

I apologize for dry humor, bad puns and possible injuries you suffer from facepalming.

I hope you enjoy :D


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where are the other signs? Aries? Libra? Sagittarius? Aquarius? Cancer? Gemini?
where are the rest of the signs? Aries? Libra? Sagittarius? Aquarius? Cancer? Gemini?
Hehe i really liked this one. :) how do you manage to make something both cute and nasty at the same time?
So far i really like your strips. :)