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Webcomic profile: Miscellaneous Madness
Miscellaneous Madness
Whatever I have on mind, I draw,
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Content flags: Violent ContentNudity
Language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 8th Nov 2016, 10:15 AM
Number of comics: 295
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Webcomic description

Basically, where I put my unrelated art, or art not important enough to be mentioned.

In spite of the nudity tag, is mostly safe for work unless specifically warned otherwise. It's art, so not all art is SFW.


I've gone by many names online and have been a veteran in communities for over nine years, now, but here I am to stay.

Originally, I came here because I used Flikr, with the same name before a slight change. It's where I normally had my webcomics. It was adequate for my needs at the time, but it has certain restrictions. Having 4 (at the time) webcomics, I thought it best to try and expand to other sites.

I do my webcomics purely for my own enjoyment, so I don't care about how low the quality is (mostly). I don't mind if people don't like it. But, hey, if others can learn to enjoy it, that'd certainly make me one happy writer. :)

Also, yes. I am THE Ranger. Living legend. Effectively a grandmother of CF.

(Current project: Red Hood Rider.)

My Alt
My Alt
I think it's obvious.

Most recent comments left on Miscellaneous Madness

8th Nov 2016
A quick doodle I did at work. If it hadn't worked out, I would have redone it at home, with this as the "proof of concept", but I liked what I did so much that I deemed it unnecessary to do any revised version.
Left on Drummer Doodle
5th Dec 2015
So this is a random doodle of an important page for a comic idea I had. It probably won't see the light of day, ever, but this was the conclusion of a flashback--specifically, one of two pages. (I didn't get to draw the second follow-through page, sadly, showing Gabby's reaction in a single-panel comic.)

It's a flashback about the protagonist, who is the aforementioned tainted soul.
Left on Seraphim comic flashback doodle
2nd Dec 2015
So you know that setting with werewolves my last comic had?

It also had: fairies (evolved from insects), Dragons (evolved from reptiles), "Demons" (a derogatory term for those evolved from bats), Angels (those evolved from birds), and...vampires.

This vampire comes from the same world.
Sunbathing is incredibly painful, given the fungii within her (vampires are from a fungus in this setting), thus the faded text you might be able to make out: "Isn't that--"
"Worth it."

As in, it's painful, but she thinks that the tan is worth it.

Never did finish the drawing, though I always meant to.
Left on Vampire Sunbathing: Sketch
27th May 2014
Finally fixed this typo, by the way.
Left on This Is Why Sanik Isn't A Rogue
31st Mar 2014
Oh, yes. I actually agree.

And thank you. :)
Left on Anatomy Practice (One-shot comic) (NSFW)