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More stuff to look at from RedDwarfIV
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The place where all the filler material for RankAmateur will be put, unless it's an important filler to say 'I'm off sick' or something.



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15th Aug 2013

I'm surprised by how well this one's aged. It still looks something like my new art, though I guess that's mostly because I've gone back to cell-shading.
Left on Bad Moon Rising
29th Jul 2013
"Author Comment"
Set late in Series 2 of the webcomic.

This is NOT the start of the webcomic, and shouldn't be considered canon - things may change.
Left on High Speed Missile Dodge
25th May 2013
Very clean and nice coloring!
Left on Bad Moon Rising
1st May 2013
Will be used in a comic.
Left on Sitting In Orbit
20th Apr 2013
Na'Ryll is a female Tal'Ryth civil servant for the Fyrenn government on Ta'Yal. She suffers from a genetic disability which means she lacks fight or flight instincts. Whilst this is dangerous on Ta'Yal, it makes her a very good candidate for ambassadorship.
Left on Civil Servant Na'Ryll