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Red Sonjxxx
A barbaric sex parody
Last update: Yesterday, 11:00 AM
Violent Content Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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In a world where barbarians roamed freely, preying on the innocent, one heroine stood abreast against the forces of evil.... Red Sonjxxx!! (and wow, does she have a huge pair of abreasts) Extremely NSFW, strong language, graphic depictions of sex, and juvenile humor about tits and dicks.


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Have you done any other comics? I feel i recognize your art style.
Nice! Good stuff so far!
Note, it will be several pages before we get into anything truly NSFW. But it is coming, so consider yourself forewarned! If you don't like sex parodies or juvenile humor about various body parts, then turn back now!
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New updates beginning Sept 6th, publishing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Author Note