Red Wolf - English Version
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Occasional Strong Language
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The english version to the Red Wolf (german original at
A manga (or something) about a young man, his silverwolf and their quest to discover their world


Ich male aus Leidenschaft aber nicht professionell sondern habe einfach nur eine Menge SpaƟ!

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Dont get used to the colours, its just this one time, because I actually finished this page as early as february
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What do you think how deep does Seth want to go? :D
And what horrors did he find
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Who told Seth to run? He doesn't know anything about that thingy either

At least I don't have to worry about the torch anymore :D
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Even I wouldn't talk about my past with a stranger I met 5 or something pages ago
Stranger Danger!
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Sorry for the missed update last week. It was and still is a little bit stressful the last few weeks and I barely finished the page in time yesterday evening :)
Have a nice week!
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