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Last update: 11th May 2021, 6:52 AM
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Sara was 15 years old when it happen. Aliens attacked Earth. She was abducted few times. A lot happened in her life. How to survive when you are under occupation of "the Grays".


You can call me Lomcia.

I have been born in 1989 in Poland. At the moment I live in United Kingdom. I am a mother and a wife.

In 2007 finally I got my first art expose called “Two Worlds”.

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Hello dear friends. I have not been here for a long time. I wanted to tell you what is going on. RE:Eclipse is still on hold until further notice. Why is that? Because I'm drawing another comic that I have to finish. It's in the main series on a site similar to Tapas or Webtoon, so I want to keep my end of the agreement. I've recently started adding this to comicfury again. I hope you'll take a look and subscribe it. Thank you for being so patient when it comes to RE:Eclipse. A lot has changed in the story itself as well as my artwork has changed. I hope you won't regret having to wait so long. Thank you again for being so patient. I will add some art from my projects. As well as you will see changes in character design. Also there are plans for a paper version of Eclipse and one more sci-fi series
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This cover is gorgeous!!
Ah! Congratulations for your daughter! This is a big step :D

Also, super cute picture!!!
Very beautiful page :3 Tastefully done, too.
D: Finn! There's someone for you, too. It takes time :*(