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Webcomic profile: Remedial Magic
Remedial Magic
What do you do after you've already fulfilled your role as chosen one? Teach!
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Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
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Last update: Today, 3:00 AM
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Webcomic description

Felicity Stone is the chosen one who has come and saved the day from a deadly warlock. Now that she has retired from being a chosen one, she decides to settle down and become a teacher, teaching a class at the world's first magical school. And the class she chose to teach is remedial magic. Much of her story unfolds as she describes what it's like to be a chosen one to her class.


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So, from what I understand, your traditional scrying is more for spying or whatever, but I repurposed it for communication. Phones don't work across dimensions.

You can use different mediums for scrying such as a mirror, water, or a glass ball...something with a reflective surface. As you might be able to tell (not sure), I went with water, so these are not holograms, but water people...water representations of people...something like that. I thought it would be a cool way to visualize the call.
Left on Ch 1: Page 33: Scry Me a River
One week ago
Well, the end of chapter one is coming up. I'm not sure if that means anything to you, but it will mean there will be a cliffhanger...which we won't get back to for a few weeks because I'm going to jump into the present in between chapters. I don't want to neglect adult Felicity and her class for too long.
Left on Ch 1: Page 32: Felicity vs. Brick
Andore Mordre
Two weeks ago
Andore Mordre
You don't always have to look like an RPG protagonist when you cast spells.
Left on Ch 1: Page 31: Basic Spells for Basic Witches
Two weeks ago
She'll be more comfortable (i.e. less embarrassed) doing magic fully clothed. Felicity, you should know better! You were only with your mom teaching for like a day!

Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans! (If I have any American readers.)
Left on Ch 1: Page 31: Basic Spells for Basic Witches
28th Jun 2019
Hell, if I could sling energy and change stuff around me, I would be that bored by high school, too.
Left on Ch 1: Page 30: Back to Lessons