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Remembrance at the Pond
a political drama exploring grief, friendship, and racism
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Amphibians and reptiles do not get along in South Mill.
Ignorance and prejudice characterize the town and its politics,
and serve as the backdrop of a local tragedy.
Even without the complications of biological classification,
Malcolm the turtle and Lance the frog have little in common,
aside from their mutual friend Diego the newt, who recently passed away.
Together, the odd pair cope with losing him while driving each other crazy
and discovering what it means to have someone's back.


Salam, I'm Yussra MT Ebrahim, a Muslim, Iraqi American cartoonist, writer, and teacher!

I teach writing to college students in New England, and write about topics like Islam, war, terrorism, immigration, racism, Islamophobia, the hijab, and the Muslim experience in the West. My goal is to promote awareness, compassion, and peace. I also have a background in botany, and adore nature and biology. But creative productivity has always been my greatest delight.

For me, writing, whether poetry, fiction, or nonfiction, is a pleasure, a way to process our existence, and a tool to fight oppression, and I think the comic as a storytelling form is one of the best crafts in this world. I love making people laugh, feel, and think, and I really enjoy drawing, and seek to keep improving. I'm more of a traditional artist, but I've dabbled with various media. I especially like colored pencils, watercolors, art markers, and Photoshop.

Thank you so much for checking out my work!


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Here we go again. 😂
Author Note
The father in the last panel is a robin, though his sweatshirt is covering up most of his brilliant red plumage. 🐦
Author Note
Wow, thank you so much, I really appreciate that! Agreed, comics are such a powerful medium to explore human moments.
It's nice to see them having a good time! :)
Aw, a pet fly!! <3