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Reproductive Health
Learning All About the Body
Last update: 29th Oct 2020, 1:30 AM
Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Loni, a young demonette, and Abby, a young woman with a rather large member, encounter some difficulties while taking their Reproductive Health class in university.


Negative Inspiration
A cranky old man.

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When penetration began Jasper had the vagina and Gemma had the penis ... right?
Or was it only Gemma’s spooky reflection that had a dick?

Now that they made Jasper cum, Gemma has a vagina and Jasper has a penis, and a prostate gland, to provide the seminal fluid and to contract to squirt it out;
and probably Cowper’s glands to help lubricate, and testicles to make the jam pearly, and so on.

There’s definitely some magic going on.
I don’t get it yet ....
The SLS didn't survive the votes on twitter, I wanted to do another 2-3 chapters but ~twitter~.
So HERE is the end of “Replacement Date”?
It’s a good ending!

Is it the “end end”, though, or are we going to see “returning the favor”?

Isn’t there more to the SLS?
I don’t remember seeing the ending.
Is it patreons-only or subscription-only or hardcopy-only or something?
Or did Negative Inspiration have to take it down?
Or did NI leave it at this point on purpose?