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Webcomic profile: Resident Weirdo
Resident Weirdo
Life, games, greyhounds. Updated sporadically.
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Language: English
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Some games, some life, some randomness.
Whenever updates


I like video games, I like food, I like aminals, I'm an RDH.

Most recent comments left on Resident Weirdo

I'm excited to present an actual game post! It has been a while. I've been playing a few games and have lofty ideas, but I'm old and lazy. Takes too long to draw these things these days...

The "dancer" job in Octopath Traveler raises my eyebrows and causes giggle fits for the characters other than Primrose (my chosen protagonist). There is a disappointing lack of fanart for the game too! I thought about drawing some more serious images of them in their costumes, but my "real" drawings are laughable. It could happen, though.

~Octopath Traveler (Nintendo Switch)
Left on Dancers
24th Dec 2018
I draw one of these every so often for my mom. This represents my family at this moment in time.

Happy Holidays!
Left on Family 2018
1st Dec 2018
Nothing beats zombie-ism than coming home for me. Dogs, food, working out, yard work, video games, exercise, sleep...what more could you ask for when searching for happiness?

Maybe money. Yes. Moniiiies.
Left on Plague Cure
11th Nov 2018
Wow. I had this drawn and colored and ready to go for at least 2 months now. Why in the world had I forgotten to upload it? Apparently I had another scanned in already too and just forgot. I'm in the process of drawing more, finally, thinking I simply had nothing, but lo and behold! The only problem with that is I now have an excuse to be lazy and put it off...NO! BAD!

State of Decay, the game, is pretty awesome, but thinking about my life, it's not too much different. Am I a real, life zombie? That may be the case...
Left on The State of Decay
10th Sep 2018
Apparently I'm doing fan art now? A few years too late me feels like...

~SpongeBob SquarePants (TV)
Left on Doodle and Spongbob