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Webcomic profile: Re-Tales
B.A.D: Bored and Doodling. Keeping sane in a retail environment.
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Language: English
Genre: Real life
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago, 2:00 PM
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Webcomic description

The Doodles of a Pet Section Retail worker, from Walmart. To document and keep myself sane with all the crazy events that went on. And the Amazing people I met along the way, customers and Co-workers alike.


Once Retail worker who made doodles to keep herself sane. And wants to share them with the world.

Current: Freelance Movie Prop Master and Set Designer.

Most recent comments left on Re-Tales

2 days ago
Thankfully, this was only two years out of the four. I managed to get out of the other two.

But man, it's scary when the manager wanders over and hands me this bright yellow vest that has a HUGE Walmart logo on it. Basically drawing all the eyes of customers that I work there.


Thankfully I worked most of the day's before. So, I only had to be in a few hours of chaos. But man, it was still nuts!
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6 days ago
I would feel worse about the kid being ignored... but Man could some of those little guys be annoying!

And worse, when there would be a gaggle of people in Walmart, clustered and taking up room. I'm from NY, and was living in Utah at the time of working at Walmart. So, I'm not used to people 'living' at Walmart. Like, they would have family reunions or something there. I mean, yay... you met so and so at Walmart. But WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TAKE UP MY AISLES! I'm trying to work here!!!!

BLARGLE... Some days...
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9 days ago
One of my most memorable comics. Something I'll never forget.

So often, kids will rush to hang out in the fish section. I admit, I probably did too as a kid. So, I can't blame them. But, working there... it's my job to ensure the fish are bought properly. And well, often little kids want the fish when their parents don't.

We aren't allowed to hand out fish until they are a certain age and can buy them, or they are accompanied by an adult. Often, it's a go to line to tell the kids to ask their parents if they can get a fish.

This instance. The most sassy, swaggered little girl came up. Place a hand on her hip. And gave me the most demanding "Honey, I just want one fish." I was caught off guard at the accent and overall her. But as usual, she needed a parent.

She was none too pleased though. As her mom said no.
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13 days ago
I guess some people don't look where they are going... But this instance the lady SMASHED the cart into the pole hard enough to shake the shelving that was connected to it.

She just 'oops' and went on her merry way.

And this is why some carts are in bad shape when you grab them. Yeesh.
Left on Pole Trouble
4th Feb 2019
I used to think this was a good idea. That is before this happened... WAY TOO MANY TIMES while working. Sure, it's all fun and games for the person walking around. But for the poor people that work there, ugh. It can be really annoying and sometimes really LOUD!

Also, I have chronic Migraines, so loud noises isn't always fun. So.. Be nice to employees... and don't Marco Polo in a store.

You never know who has to deal with that sort of thing often.
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