Revenants and the Child of Autumn

Last update: 22nd Nov 2020, 9:00 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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"Revenants. Creatures of lost souls, their bodies long forgotten, and their minds taken. Their sole purpose, to spread corruption to the innocent."

A fantasy series that starts off about a young wolf boy who works as a miner at a lonesome mountain.



Just a spirit who likes to draw and comic.

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Storm be brewing guys. Well granted it's been brewin rip

Anyways, I'm going to be taking a break off for 2 weeks and will now be changing into a complete different update schedule. From now on I'll be doing biweekly updates as of late, my updates been very wonky. Hopefully this will help out but all in all

HHH I FINISHED THE FIRST VOLUME OF ME COMIC, and first in my life, I've done this many pages. Heck this many chapters. Published online.
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Brr brr so cold

Tbh I would love the cold season to come soon, been getting hot weeks in my area bluh

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Announcement: I am currently in the works of reformatting Revenants into scroll format for Tapas/Webtoon to make it bearable for mobile/tablet users. Though from here it will still be in print layout form since I originally post on deviantART.

Most of Chapter 1 has been readjusted story & quality wise, except for the first five pages(which I'm under debate to redo along with the last two pages). It's only that chapter since that was when I was still figuring out on how to use Clip ;;
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Honestly me sometimes when I open the curtains lol
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uh oh indeed