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Comic profile: Review Aside
Review Aside
The perils of book reviewing
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 1st Aug 2017
Number of comics: 23
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Comic description

Review Aside is a monthly strip that runs on, featuring the issues some of their book reviewers came across...


Bookangel is a book club, which shares free ebooks suggestions online. After listening to the reviewers' complaints over the last few years, one of the members put the Review Aside strip together.

Most recent comments left on Review Aside

1st Aug 2017
If you read Welsh or Latin (which these authors blatantly don't) some of the misuses are hilarious...
Left on Rubber Chicken
1st Jun 2017
Yes, the trite and now cliched intro to being a wizard got exactly what was coming to it. And I praise the book to High heaven for it!
Left on Witchy!
1st May 2017
Because puwr literaky ifs Kewl (apologies to Linkara) and drives me up the wall!
Left on Avant-Garde?
23rd Apr 2017
When they announced World Book Day on the 23rd April, St George's Day, I had a problem which could only be solved by books and dragon slaying...

A Tyrannothesaurus Rex is someone who uses a lot of sentences to say exactly the same thing. I was going to do a cartoon on it, until I searched and realised it was already a term (here). Mind you, they only have the sentence repeated twice. The most I've seen in direct succession was 5.
Left on World Book vs. St George's Day?
7th Apr 2017
Welcome to Review Aside, pithy comments from a book reviewer. It might teach writing, but it will mainly let me vent and you laugh... I hope.
Left on Poor Chap...