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Webcomic profile: Review Aside
Review Aside
The perils of book reviewing
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Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 1st Jun 2018, 2:36 PM
Number of comics: 33
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Webcomic description

Review Aside is a monthly strip that runs on, featuring the issues some of their book reviewers came across...


Bookangel is a book club, which shares free ebooks suggestions online. After listening to the reviewers' complaints over the last few years, one of the members put the Review Aside strip together.

Most recent comments left on Review Aside

1st Jun 2018
Claiming you've made up the langauge isn't a get-out-of-grammar-free card. (Official made-up languages also have structured grammar: one of our reviewers was nitpicky enough to check the Kingon was linguistically correct in a Star Trek story...)
Left on My Ing
1st Apr 2018
In print it is very easy to lose track of how many hands an author has given his characters (or which way limbs actually bend).
Left on Watch the hands!
1st Mar 2018
Yep, we actually had this happen. It was the third Choose Your Own adventure book we had been sent that month. The other two didn't claim they were new though.

Yes it used exactly the same mechanism as CYOA books, and those old text-based PC adventures.
Left on New and Innovative?
1st Feb 2018
Yes, this has been tried. So has bribery.
Left on Chutzpah
1st Jan 2018
Yes, we have actually received a PLR (Public Label Rights) manuscript where the author had forgotten to run the spintax before publishing. (Spintax is a marketing tool for the web that swaps words programmatically.)
Left on Writing?