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Comic profile: Revive
Action, romance, gore, comedy, gay, lesbian, straight, fantasy. It's literally everything.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Other
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Last update: Today, 9:02 PM
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Comic description

Revive is a romantic, action-filled drama with dark themes, hopeful protagonists, and a bloody past. This earth is slightly more advanced than our own, now featuring standard commercial technology such as androids.
Humans live in what is known by all the other races of the universe as Dimension-1, and are only barely aware of the existence of mages, a powerful race that resides in Dimension-2. Mindless creatures known as Relentless roam through the dimensions and are hunted by specially trained mages known as assassins. Relentless only run on the primal instinct to eat, specifically peoples’ souls, as they feed on negative energy derived from pain, anger, hatred – any negative emotion. The main plot of the story revolves around 18-year old Yuuki Matsuzawa, a seemingly normal french mage now living in Japan and unwilling to explore his abilities to remain "human-like." He lives with his older brother, Christophe, a pyrokinetic mage who carries on the bloodline of their father's family, the abrasive but powerful Matsuzawas.
At the start of the comic, Yuuki is about to start his final year in high school. As of recently he has been attacked by Relentless and other creatures more and more often, to where it has become an almost weekly occurrence. After a sudden attack by a crazed aboscillix, a demonic creature native to this universe, he is saved by Bleeding Heart, a powerful assassin and a supposed old friend of Christophe's. Against his brother’s wishes, Yuuki is forced into the world of assassins, Relentless, and everything non-human he’d only heard of in horror stories as one by one every being in the universe seems to be after him, but for what reason only Christophe and the leader of all assassins, Grimmrod, seem to know.


I have a lot of ideas and a lot of time on my hands, so hopefully everyone will like at least one of them.

Most recent comments left on Revive

im guessing it was too easy it was defeated.
Left on Transition
4 days ago
every day occurrence in Skyrim.
Left on You did it!
5 days ago
Oh man, could you imagine?

"But he saved the day!"
"Yeah and he broke like 10 laws doing it."
Left on You did it!
6 days ago
[voice from behind Yuuki]
And you're under arrest!

cause no good deed goes unpunished.
Left on You did it!
27th Jan 2018
the curse has been broken
Left on Waking Up