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Webcomic profile: Riot Call
Riot Call
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 10:00 PM
Number of comics: 33
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Webcomic description

Urban fantasy meets stoner comedy in this post-cape adventure. Le'Lak Ku'go finds herself stranded on earth with her only hope being the newly founded Riot Call Spark Extermination and Solutions. Unfortunately her new friends' competency and her sanity are challenged by the constant antics of superheroes, mercenaries, and gangsters alike. Or at least she wishes it were that simple.
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Most recent comments left on Riot Call

Frill Pick
18th Oct 2019
Full res version:
Left on Act 1-25
Frill Pick
30th Sep 2019
Pronounced long e, short a
Left on Act 1-20
Frill Pick
27th Sep 2019
An excerpt from Modern Combat among Superhumans by Mortimer Gailes-

If you’re reading this book, I’m sure you’ve already heard this from whoever gave it to you. If not find a new instructor because yours is going to get you killed. The first rule of fighting a Spark user is to never take yourself eyes, nose, ears and/or whatever you are using to keep track of them off of them.
Left on Act 1-19
Frill Pick
15th Sep 2019
Think we’re just gonna switch to cell shading. Not sure if I’ll go back and redo the earlier pages though.
Edit: I did
Left on Act 1-22
Frill Pick
13th Sep 2019
An excerpt from a report on Alexandrite technology translated from Japanese:

Presently it is unknown how the user of the Boost Suit* would have withstood the intense g-forces applied when activating is rockets as what we have seen of them suggests far greater impulse than a humanoid figure would normally experience. As Alexandrite 1106* hasn’t been recovered by any allied nations we have no way of knowing what differences to its physiology that might include beyond speculation.

The strength enhancing and neural control, however, are more than enough greatly benefit mankind. Though, I do fear what our friends in the JDF might use it for.

*Translated into the terms used by American agencies for ease of reading.
Left on Act 1-15