Desdemona Chronicles: Ripmoor
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Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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A young lady from a rich background is forced to disguise herself as a member of a scruffy crew of air pirates. Question is, can they tolerate this spoiled princess long enough to keep her safe?
"Ripmoor" is Samantha's story of the Desdemona Chronicles. It is a journey of earning respect, trust and friendship when different worlds collide.


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OOOOOOOOO! Now we get to see how good they fight! Cool!
She's quite a strong personality.
Suddenly............I'm LIKING this woman!!
Wasting that one would NOT be a waste.........
Sounds more like HE'S the one that needs "Broken".
Big Nemo
Thank you for the information, Mr. Tough Guy - please go on.

Is this guy stupid, or does he have a death wish? Or both?