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Comic profile: Road to Kerridon
Road to Kerridon
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 5 days ago, 4:37 PM
Number of comics: 25
Number of subscribers: 10
Visitors: 529 visitors (3300 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.95 (20 votes)

Comic description

Road to Kerridon is a fantasy webcomic about friendship, magic shenanigans, and adventure! Plus the occasional Dragon.


The Accidental Ninja
The Accidental Ninja
I am a tea dragon.

Most recent comments left on Road to Kerridon

3 days ago
You can get fonts online for free. You have a style to your artwork, and a different font choice might better reflect that. Maybe one of these Free fonts might help? :D

*edit: Here is a rather opinionated article suggesting which fonts NOT to use. LOL
Left on Kaze-yama
3 days ago
I don't have a lot of fonts on my computer, but a couple that I could see working well with your art-style without being too distracting would be Papyrus, Goudy Informal, or Gabriola.

Of course, I may be going in a completely different direction than you are, so keep in mind that your choice should always be something YOU like!
Left on Kaze-yama
And I totally see what you mean... I may change the dialogue to small-caps for later pages.
As for the title, it was actually something that I hand-drew (and designed), and then had a friend edit it for me and make it digital. So... unfortunately it's not a font that I can actually use otherwise :/
But thanks for your opinion! :)
Left on Kaze-yama
Thanks for letting me know! I'm not entirely convinced with how it currently looks, which is why I was asking you all, so thanks for your opinion :)
Left on Kaze-yama
Thanks! :D
I actually use settings from a lot of the Final Fantasy games as references for my buildings (and clothes styles)!
Left on Kaze-yama