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Last update: 24th Mar 2022, 11:09 PM
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A rabbit is raised by a bear.

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I make doofy animal comics.


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This is sweet C: And I'm glad Temis told Ata she's proud of her, despite her concerns. From what I can see, Ata really looks up to Temis, and this is why she wanted to be a Disciple.
Aw, the hug </3 The last panel just hits me in the feels
It's sad to see them argue :( But I can see that Temis is concerned, and not wrong to be so. Temis has lost children already, she must be terrified to lose any more. Ata is brave and tenacious but also lucky in her fights. And the Bear Star said she must face all danger and not run away. Temis must know what the Bear Star asks. How safe can Ata be now?
Romu's face when he realizes Ata managed to defeat the boar Disciple before the Stars souped her up X'D Priceless!

But oh dear :( Lyca's reaction is a lot sadder
Aw, they must split paths now. But hopefully not forever?