Robert The Warrior Princess
fantasy porn with queers and drags!
Last update: 25th Mar 2022, 10:23 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Robert the warrior princess is a light hearted, silly erotic fantasy comic about a transvestite on a quest to become a woman. There are however a lot of adult themes including nudity, violence, coarse language and even subjects like rape. If you don't approve of any of the content in this comic I suggest you look elsewhere for erotic comic.

I've always been into comics but this project started when someone posted on the about creating a collaborative webcomic page with a subscription fee. The comics were supposed to be erotic, but could be about anything. I was getting into erotic comics at the time, and wanted to do something with fantasy. Anyway, the project fell apart due to lack of organisation and communication with the people working on the actual website. There was content, but no website. I put my heart into the first 10 pages without getting paid but hoping to attract some views. With the website not happening I lost the will to continue since I was broke at the time so I decided to just post everything on here on comicfury, since self publishing is the only option anyway.

I have been having fun drawing this put had some long breaks and have from time to time totally abandoned the whole comic. Bear in mind, it might never be finished. But my goal is to do at least a 100 pages.

I've drawn comics since like forever and i've been a pervert almost my entire life. I've always been drawn to erotic comics and will probably never give it up. I started with Cat Claw by Bane Kerac. I liked the art and the fact that she lost her clothes all the time! When I started out with this comic i took some inspiration from Bill Willinghams Ironwood, which is great. I also was inspired by the swedish cartoonist Lina Heidenstam that made the magnificent "Maran" ("The Mare") who reinvigorated my interest in comics.
I am not gay or a transvestite myself or anything, but I do think people have to open up a little and be a little more relaxed about sexuality and identity. People can, and will be whoever they want. I like dressing up as woman though lol xD.

English is not my native language, feel free to correct spelling or grammar mistakes.

I have started a blog, where I post about the process, extra content and random stuff in general related to comics:


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I think aiming for one panel a day is a good strategy that i tried. Unfortunately for me i tend to just draw like crap if I'm not "in the zone" and wanting to draw.

What I've been doing is looking at how to minimize the time it takes to make a page, and see what takes me the most time. Aiming to being more effective.
I found i could cut a lot of time by doing cell shaded coloring instead of full shading.

Also it REALLY helps to minimizing distractions around you. Checking your phone every five minutes while drawing is a big problem, as is having a movie running in the background.
Haha! I guess I see what you mean lol.
We all create excuses to justify what we really want.

When I first read the SSCH... in the 5th panel, I thought that was the sound of her sliding down on her shaft. haha.
I'm really trying to make a habit of doing a panel a day, or coloring one panel a day. Which seems to work. It's really nice to see the page transform into something that you are quite happy with. Consistency is key, my friends (Says the most inconsistent person in the world).

The fanatical Aleana seems to like lovemaking, if it's bareback in the vag, that is. Anything else would be heresy, and God doesn't mind if you enjoy yourself whilst making babies?

Cheers, let's hope another page is out soon (if I can keep my current work ethic). In the meantime, check my blog or my other webcomic Manto:s, which is about a human toilet. Yup.
Author Note
Thanks Joe! Always nice to see you leave a comment. Yeah, stay tuned, more will come!