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Get In Touch With Your Inner Geezer
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Rock Garden Comics rotates four recurring themes: 1. The adventures of Rose and her family and friends, 2. mummies and zombies and their kin, 3. geezers in all their glory, and 4. Tales from the Rocculture.


Rock Garden Comics ran on Webcomicsnation from August 20,2005, until the end of December, 2013, with a new cartoon every single day. My eternal love and gratitude go out to the spirit of its founder, Joey Manley, who gave Rock Garden its first home on the web. I love to draw comics and share them with others, more than anything else in this world.

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Author Note
LOL .... WUT
Cleverness and poop jokes!
Ariane Eldar
And I am Little Red Riding Hood and you are Wooly Bully Wolf!

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