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The illustrated trail journal of a Portland chick out for a VERY long walk.
Last update: 27th Oct 2016, 11:38 AM
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Imagine this: You're walking in the mountains. The air is thin, you're out of shape, and you can barely carry the weight on your back. You're more tired than you've ever been in your life.

Then you come across a trail - just a narrow ribbon of dirt that winds through the meadows as far as the eye can see. And somebody points to it and says, "You see this? This trail stretches all the way from Mexico to Canada. If you hiked on it for twenty miles a day, for six months straight, you could walk across the entire country in a single season. Would you like that?"

What would you say?

This is a story about adventure - courage - struggle. And all the mundane moments that happen in-between.

The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles long.



I'm Alejandra, and this is where I house my stories. I post journal comics about my life to hone my drawing skills, and some other stuff besides.

I come and go from the internet as it suits me, but it looks like I'm settling into a period of stability so let's bring on the digital art, yip yip

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I'm glad you enjoyed it, Thracecius. I'm happy to report that I am well, I've recently become active again in this comics community, and I'm pursuing other comic projects, with some pages pulled up to work on as we speak.

It's my intention to return to this story one day, and I don't think I'll ever really be content until I've finished what I started here. Though I confess, it's not the right time. But it's very encouraging and inspiring to know that people still stumble on it from time to time and connect with the work.

It's been six years since I finished this trail, and I think I'll have to hike again to remind myself of all the critical details that make up the thru-hiking experience, like a flimsy spork snapping in hard Nutella on a cold morning. But I can totally see this comic launching again sometime within the next four years. Enough time to finish my current comic Raleigh's Hinterland, I think. I hope to see you then :-)
Ah!! Thank you much for this comment. It's been a while since I looked over these pages, and it may be time for me to revisit them myself, as a reminder for what I used to know. I feel this sentiment is even more true today than it was four years ago
I hope you are well, wherever you are, Rocket Llama, and that life is giving back to you as much as you've put into it. Your journey has been a fun and sobering read, and I'm sure that if I were in better shape I'd be tempted to do some of the PCT on the strength of your tale alone, especially because of your emphasis on how PCT hikers are a welcoming community. I think everyone needs a little bit of that feeling you had.

There's a great little movie starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte called "A Walk In The Woods", which is based on a biography/memoir by Bill Bryson, about a travel writer who decides that he's going to hike the Appalachian Trail. Your story reminds me just a little bit of that movie in many of the right ways.

I'm sure "real life" has gotten in the way of continuing this story, but if you ever get back to it, I'd be happy to read it. Your art, commentary and enthusiasm warms my heart. :)
This page underlines one of the many ways that we all can lose track of the things that make life worth living. I don't pretend to have any answers, I'm still muddling through early middle-age life myself, but I recognize Truth when I see it. You mentioned the cold, hard reality that is, most certainly, very daunting if you stare it straight in the eyes for the first time, especially if you don't have an adequate support network.

You have my most sincere respect and appreciation for sharing your perspective so clearly and eloquently. A lot of people can benefit from your hard earned wisdom, and it does you credit for putting it within a context that is more relatable than some a pithy internet meme.
“Trout Lake Trail Angel”
Hi Rocket Llama!
Could you please contact me, dougdjr2@gmail.com or 509.395.9307. My step-son and I are producing a documentary about the Trail Angel program in Trout Lake and we would like to include your story at Killen Creek in 2013. I'm seeking your permission to do so.
Hope you are doing fine--Doug Anderson