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The Rogue Duchess: Parallel To Tomorrow
A Sequel
Comic language: English
Genre: Romance
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 9 days ago, 6:54 PM
Number of comics: 17
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Visitors: 410 visitors (701 pages viewed)
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Comic description

Following the events of "The Rogue Duchess", Scye transcends into another dimension, very similar to that of our own. Her magical abilities manifest as potential clairvoyance and telepathy, as well as those of a Rune-Master or a Bard. Now going by the name of Anna, she is forced to face facts, as Keijo has left the country. Will Anna find her true love in the "Secret Town" on that foreign soil? Will Keijo find it in his heart to ever return to her? Or, could it be that concepts such as "True Love" and "Magic" are truly dead?