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This is some sort of comic where anything could happen beyond the imagination, at some point.
Last update: 10th Aug 2020, 11:10 AM
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A sort of comic where anything could happen beyond the imagination, at some point.
First appeared in CityBit in December 2008.
Revived for deviantART on 18th July 2010.
Has its own blog on 6th February 2011.
Reached its 100th issue on Good Friday, 3rd April 2015.
Actual comic turned 5 years old on 18th July 2015.
Expanded on FurAffinity and Tapas.
Actual comic turned 10 years old with a special serial, 18th July - 10th August 2020


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The characters' views in this comic are entirely their own and are not affiliated with anyone, whatsoever.

Here it is, folks! The first #Throwback comic completed on this day, 3rd September 2020, after five years, four months, and two days of waiting. Apologies, always. - Al.
Author Note
And so, every thrilling drama has to end on an epilogue.
Some parts may not have happened, folks.
But, there will be an announcement, later this week. So, stick with us.
Author Note
As the Root Beers gang about to conclude their secret meeting on the hotel roof, someone's here to spoil the meeting.
And as he's about to stop the meeting with a weapon, a new character is here to save the day.
The new character is a detective named 'Van Der Broadwalk', and she's tough as old boots and lead, mixed as one!

Oh, and by the way, remember when I told you this serial is all black and white? I LIED! XD

The epilogue is tomorrow, folks.
Author Note
And what do I do to keep Sgt. Poodle and P.C. Dimbleby going?
Well, I put my fursona to do the chase scene. He needs some exercise, anyway.
Also featuring Michelle Taquer.
Author Note
The 'disaster movie' item is coming to an end, or is it, though?
That's what a lot of people happen to believe...

And by the way, the views expressed by William Lion Cub are entirely my own and do not represent or reflect anyone who works on this website. Got it?
Author Note

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